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Wednesday Wisdom: Shine the light on your team

This is another blog in our Wednesday Wisdom series where we are discussing some of the top leadership issues we are currently assisting our clients through. We hope you enjoy reading!

In my humble opinion, one of the things that should be taught in Leadership 101 is that leadership is not about you. It is not about what you yourself accomplish. It is not about the accolades, promotions or other awards and recognition.

Leadership is about what you do with the people you are privileged to lead. You know it. They are incredible. You have no idea what you would do without them. They make you look good every day.

Here’s a gut punch: When is the last time you told them how incredible they are?

You should always be illuminating your team’s strengths. Do you know what each individuals’ strengths are? Are they aware of what their strengths are? Does your team know who to turn to in a situation where they are not the strongest?

The sad truth is that most people are not aware of where they are perceived to have strengths. They need a strong and effective leader to point out their strengths. They also need you as their leader to help them continue to sharpen their strengths. Encourage them, do not stifle them.

Make sure you are putting the right people in the right jobs. If you have a presentation that needs to be done and you have a team member who is highly skilled in putting together presentations, have them do it. If you have an opportunity to speak in front of other leaders in the company, find one of your team members who is well spoken and give them the chance to shine.

Do you have an employee recognition program? I hope your answer is yes. If it is no, you have some work to do. Create a program that will allow you and the other leaders in your organization to celebrate your employees.

People are any organizations best asset. It is important for us to make them feel valued and appreciated. Every day, look for a way to illuminate someone’s strength. It will change the entire dynamic of your team. Trust me.


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