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Why does authenticity matter?

We are attracted to people who are authentic. When you are authentic, you are comfortable and certain who you are and what values you hold in your heart. What you believe on the inside is what is shown to others on the outside. In other words, you don’t just “talk the talk” but you “walk the walk”. When you pretend to be someone that you are not, you are hurting those around you and hurting yourself.

Why do people try to be someone they are not?

Some of us try to portray that perfect “Facebook worthy” life. We only see the happy times, and the outward appearance that everything is perfect. Especially as leaders, we think that we must be perfect to have people follow us. If people know that we have problems and struggles like they do, we lose our credibility, right?


No, by no means am I saying that you should bring all your personal drama to the workplace. In fact, that is unprofessional and unacceptable. What I am saying is that you don’t always have to put on the facade that you are perfect. When people know that you have overcome challenges in your life, they are more apt to look up to you and seek your guidance.

What I am also talking about is your inner circle. These are the people who you rely on in your life. They may be a friend, a mentor or even a family member. These are the people that make you your best. It’s ok to let them know that you have been through the trenches of life and that you made it out alive!

I am working with a group right now regarding personal growth. It’s amazing how a group of people who are working together towards a similar goal come together. When others allow themselves to be vulnerable, they are showing their strength, all while showing people their authentic self. What I’ve learned is we are all broken in some way. While trying to make something beautiful out of the broken pieces, you often find your authentic self.

Do you know who your authentic self is? Are you showing the true you or are you living the “Facebook life?”

I challenge you to look within and assess this question.

Thank you for reading!

Have an AMAZING week!


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