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Do YOU have integrity?

Integrity is the foundation of a person. Without integrity, there is no trust. Without integrity, there is no respect. Without trust and respect, there are no relationships. From a social perspective, one without integrity may find themselves surrounded by people who also lack integrity, or they may find themselves extremely lonely. From an organizational standpoint, a person without integrity is someone who will break down teams, will destroy a company, will erode all trust and will infect their colleagues with feelings of despair.

Most people will tell you they have integrity. I’d argue that most people don’t understand what integrity truly is. Let me help you by asking some simple questions. Answer them honestly. This is a great opportunity for self-discovery.

  1. Have you ever been in a position where you were faced with making an unpopular decision?

a. Did you make the decision that will make you come out looking squeaky clean?

b. Or did you do the right thing and help others deal with the resistance?

  1. When someone on your team has a huge accomplishment do you: a. .Take the credit, after all, you are their leader

b. Give them all the credit and acknowledge their hard work publicly

  1. Think about a time where you experienced someone being dishonest in the workplace. What did you do?

a. Walk away and hope someone else will deal with it?

b. Address it head on, regardless of the potential repercussions

  1. When it comes to policies and procedures in the workplace, do you:

a. Think that you are exempt because of your position, but enforce with all your employees

b. Lead by example. If your employees must follow the rules, so do I

  1. Think of a time when an employee was at a disadvantage and needed you to support them and take a stand. What did you do?

a. I did not support them. It would have put my next promotion in jeopardy