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Leadership lessons from the Superbowl

Over 111 million people watched the Superbowl last night. Many are happy at the way the New England Patriots rallied and with the history that was made. Others are disappointed that the Atlanta Falcons didn’t shock the world. Others are hateful and continue to bring up and rehash rumors from the past.

What some fail to recognize are the tremendous lessons that can be extracted from the game. Both teams played great. The first half was obviously the Falcons, and the second, the Patriots. What people should see is the incredible leadership that was displayed from the players and the coaches. Discipline is of the utmost importance in every game that is played. If one team starts celebrating before the game is over, they can become a little too proud and end up losing momentum. If another team gives up because they are trailing very far behind, they lose what it most important; the ability to work as a team and to overcome adversity.

Last night we saw a beautiful display of perseverance. In the third quarter, the Patriots were down 25 points. There was a long road ahead if they were going to tie the game. And, that’s exactly what we saw. Something changed. Call it momentum, call it fate, or call it skill. The bottom line is that the leadership of Tom Brady and the influence he has with the team shined through. He would not allow them to give up. It must be emotionally draining to go into the big game and be the expected winner and have such a shocking first half. It would have been the easy way out to quit and not play their hearts out.

Any organization can learn so much from picking apart all of the lessons from the Superbowl. I personally think the biggest lesson is not to ever give up, no matter how dire things are looking. This is a lesson that can spill over to our personal and professional lives as well. It’s a great conversation to have with your team, regardless if they like sports or regardless if their team didn’t win.

What do you think the biggest lesson that you took away from the Superbowl?

Thank you for reading. I look forward to reading your comments. Head over to my Facebook page to comment.

Have an AMAZING week.

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