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Do what is right, even when no one is looking – this is integrity. Do you cut corners in what you do when there is nobody around? A person doesn’t show their integrity when others are around, but when their backs are turned. There are some leaders who think that they can follow a different set of rules. They made decisions based on things that are going to benefit them, elevate them or get them noticed. Many times, these leaders talk about how they have integrity. This is not integrity, but selfishness and self-centeredness. A leader who has integrity will make decisions for the good of their department or organization and not for themselves. Decisions that impact only a leader can never be retrofitted to make them work and help an organization.

Are your decisions honest, and for the good of the people you are leading, or are they good for you? Do you set rules for your employees that you do not follow? This is a lack of integrity and will end up in an erosion of trust, a decline in morale and possibly a change in values for the team. Employees are always watching. When they see their leader living by a different set of rules, they start to take advantage and think that they should be able to do the same.

When a leader is consistent in their actions they develop more followers. People want leaders they can rely on and who they can predict their responses to situations. This helps promote growth. If they know how a leader would respond in a certain situation they can feel comfortable making decisions.

A leader should always be looking out for the best of the organization. With this as a core value, they will be successful by growing their followers and therefore growing the organization. It is a privilege to be trusted to lead anyone, and leaders should always lead with integrity.

Thank you for reading. Please add your thoughts, stories or insights.

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