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Leadership and titles


So many people look to those only with leadership “titles” as leaders. Having a title of manager, director, or vice president doesn’t make you a leader. People that hide behind their titles and must remind people of their titles are not true leaders.

Leaders do not need a title. Everyone can be a leader. Leaders are influencers. Do you influence people? Are you a positive role model for anyone in your life? Influencing can be so simple. Do you smile at a stranger in the grocery store? You could have been the only people who treated them like a human that day.

I’ve seen leaders with titles who are great leaders and also those who are terrible leaders. I’ve also seen people who don’t have a “title” get stifled because they felt like they needed a title to lead. Don’t ever let someone tell you that you can’t be a leader because your title doesn’t match. Go out and influence someone today and be a true leader.


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