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On the Road to Somewhere

American poet, Carl Sandburg wrote, “I don’t know where I am going, but I’m on my way. This quote resonated with me today when I read it. After spending the day doing a lot of self-exploration this quote became the inspiration behind this week’s blog post.

I am currently on a journey of personal and professional growth. I have a vision to become a better person in the future than the person I am today. I have some very specific business and professional growth targets as well. I am in hot pursuit of achieving my dreams and in digging deeper into where I am heading.

This quote stood out to me, because as I am going along on the journey, I am running into some detours and having to reroute my course. There is a wrestling match between my heart and my head. My heart wants me to take a left and my head wants to take a right. It’s easy to give up when we are challenged. I’m energized. My spirit is renewed as the roads I hadn’t planned on travelling are revealing new insights and causing me to stop at the “red lights” and think more intently on where I am heading.

That’s where this quote hits home. My dreams and aspirations are not a destination but an exciting journey. What’s most important is that I am on the way. I don’t know exactly where I am heading, but I know I am heading in the right direction. I know where I will end up will be so much further that I could ever imagine. When it comes to our dreams, we need to not worry about having all the details defined about the where. We need to just start heading somewhere. Somewhere is better than nowhere. Don’t get lost in the directions, or the steps. Just take the first step forward.

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