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Your Son or Daughter could be our future President!

Our youth are not only our future generation, but they are our future leaders. Fast forward thirty years and your child could be our next president. Does that scare you, or excite you? It should excite you! Unfortunately, for many, the mere thought is petrifying.

As a majority, we are not raising today’s children to be resilient. They are taught instead, to be reactive and not proactive, and to complain and rebel to get their way. They often learn (through observation) complacency, lack of respect and entitlement. Has your child ever gotten a trophy for showing up? Thirty years ago, you had to work…hard…to get that trophy. You earned it and with that trophy came a sense of accomplishment. It made you strive for more. It made you want to work harder to get another reward! The motivation came from within.

The truth is, today more than ever, kids are growing up in broken homes, or in single parent homes. They are missing the love and affection they need. Many of these children lack self-confidence, pride, and the ability to overcome hardships. Although there are some parents that are doing an outstanding job raising their kids to be resilient, more kids are being left to navigate life on their own. The result is millions of missed opportunities for these kids.

Poor self-esteem and lack of resiliency is leading to staggering numbers of suicides each year. According to the CDC:

  • Suicide is the SECOND leading cause of death from age 10-18

  • Suicides result in more deaths than cancer, heart disease, birth defects, stroke, influenza, AIDS, pneumonia, and chronic lung disease – combined (for youth and adults)

  • Every day, over 5,000 kids in grades 7 through 12 attempt suicide

There are several risk factors for youth suicide, including bullying, depression, family history, and loneliness. We can’t prevent family history, but we can have an impact on children’s lives, by getting engaged in helping them realize their potential, showing them they have value, and providing them with tools and resources to help them learn the skills to learn from their challenges.

If we don’t invest in our youth today, our future is bleak! We need to encourage them, we need to breathe hope and purpose into their lives. We need to involve them in becoming successful people and strong leaders for our future. There is no age that is too young to start this process. Get involved TODAY!

During the week of April 24th-April 30th, John Maxwell Team coaches from all over the world will be participating in the Global Youth Initiative. The goal is to reach over 500,000 youth between the ages of eight to eighteen by utilizing tools from the YouthMAX and YouthMAX Plus programs. These are programs designed by John Maxwell and Nick Vujicic that focus on the following skills for our youth:

  • Positive Self-Image

  • Personal Identify and my Strengths

  • Helping and adding value to others

  • Overcoming Failure – Becoming more resilient

  • Daily Success and Growth

Get your youth group, school or local neighborhood children involved in this program! It will make a HUGE difference in their lives. Help them become better citizens to give us and them hope for the future!

Visit for more information.

Thank you for investing in our future!

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