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Why are leaders so jealous of each other?

In corporate America, it is amazing to see how jealous leaders are of each other. Instead of encouraging each other and being proud of people when they move up the ranks, there is usually a rampant wave of jealously, animosity and sometimes even revenge. Maybe you were hoping for a job and someone else got it. You should support the person who got the job instead of you. Use it as a self-discovery exercise. There is a reason that they got the job and you didn’t. I would recommend you ask that same person to mentor you. You could learn something from them. It may even help you get the next opportunity that comes knocking.

Yesterday I met five amazing women who are all fellow John Maxwell Team members. We met to work on some of the tools we have at our disposal to build our businesses. We could have looked at each other as a threat or as a competitor. Instead, we all helped to build our relationships, help each other learn and grow and got to witness some amazing breakthroughs. It was so refreshing to have such a supportive environment where I could be myself and didn’t feel like I had to compete for anything except the connection.

Why can’t corporate America follow this example?

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