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A letter to the doubters

I wish I could send a handwritten thank you note to every single person in my life who has doubted me. For example, the person who said I was going to end up being a kid who went to jail, or the person who in my first job as an EMT told me that I wouldn’t make it because I was “a girl”. I’d like to thank the people who didn’t think I would make it through boot camp, get orders to a Navy ship or advance to the rank of Chief Petty Officer. I’d like to thank a former leader of mine who said I wasn’t cut out for the job, the people who tried to break me down and the person who tried to take it all from me. Thank you to those who thought I would never finish or go to college. I’d like to thank my doctor who once told me I’d be dead by age 40, and the people who didn’t think I could go play baseball with the Boston Red Sox. I’d like to thank anyone who thought I couldn’t quit my job and leave everything familiar behind to move to a new place and build a new life and a successful business.

If it weren’t for all these people (and more) listed above, I wouldn’t be the person I am today. You see, every time someone tells me I can’t do something, it motivates me more to get it done. I try to imagine what life would have been like if everyone around me believed in me and had the confidence I could accomplish anything I set out to do. I am certain that I would have been a major failure.

The ability to muster up the intrinsic motivation to defy the odds and show others that they are wrong has helped me tremendously in both my personal and professional life. As a leader, I have been motivated by challenges and inspired by showing others what I was made of. In everyday life, we need to focus on what motivates us and be sure not to let others doubts lead to self-limiting beliefs. We all have a good idea what we are capable of. Lean on those around who will believe in you and encourage you, even when you aren’t doing your best.

Please share your thoughts about how you have made it through anything despite others doubting you.

Thank you for reading and have an AMAZING week!

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